Are you feeling pain or discomfort while working at your desk either at home or in the office?

Do you need some help or guidance on setting up your workstation?

How you feel now versus how you will feel very soon

This Is You Yesterday

  • Workstation not set up to suit you and your needs.
  • Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, eye strain.
  • Not moving often enough.
  • Poor lighting.

This Is You Today
After Completing Your Ergonomics Self-Assessment

  • Understanding the importance of posture.
  • Learning how to make changes to your workstation to set it up your suit your individual needs.
  • Considering how your behaviours and habits can impact on your posture and overall comfort.
  • Immediately feeling more comfortable and support.

This Is You Tomorrow

  • Sitting comfortably at your desk.
  • No stress or tension in your muscles or joints.
  • Reduced or no pains and discomfort.
  • No eye strain.
  • Moving more frequently.

The Ergonomic Self-Assessment Process

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
During The Evaluation
  • Immediate feedback on your current setup
  • Relevant Recommendations
  • Understanding of why you may be feeling some pain/discomfort
  • Recommendations on ergonomics accessories that may support the individual to achieve the desired neutral posture
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
After You Complete The Evaluation
  • Immediately after you complete the evaluation you will be emailed your report with our support contact details where you can reach out if you have further questions about your current workstation
  • An Ergonomist will review your evaluation and reach out to you if there are any particular red flags
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Two Weeks After You Complete The Evaluation
  • You will receive a follow-up email to see how you are getting on or if you need any further support from us.

Is this ergonomics self-evaluation tool suitable for me?

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Do you work in an office or work from home?​

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Do you feel any pain, tightness or discomfort while you are working or after working for a few hours?

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Have you considered how your desk or computer setup may be affecting both your comfort and productivity levels?

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Are you looking for ergonomics support for yourself or for your employees and colleagues?

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

The Importance of Ergonomics

Did you know that some very small changes can make a huge difference?


It could be as simple as needing to move more frequently or sitting the whole way back in the chair.


Or it could be that you may need to use a footrest or some other accessory to make you more comfortable and supported while you are working.


But how do you know what changes are needed?

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Fit for Work’s Ergonomics Self-Evaluation

Our Ergonomics Self-Evaluation is what you need.


This tool is your virtual Ergonomist, guiding you through your self-evaluation and giving you recommendations on changes that would further optimize your workstation.


We understand that making changes to your workstation takes some time to get used to so our support continues as you go through this process.

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Self-Assessment Process

An Ergonomic Self-Assessment is an opportunity to be guided through an assessment of your current workstation wherever that may be – at home or in the office. This is carried out using Fit for Work’s virtual self-assessment tool.


The user is taken through a step by step evaluation, the same as they would be during an in-person evaluation. The evaluation provides real time advice and education on setting up a chair, desk and all other equipment used while working.


Once completed, the software will generate an individualized report with adjustments recommended to the user’s workstation throughout the evaluation.


The report will also include ergonomics accessories that may improve the user’s posture at their workstation and a printable ‘cheat sheet’ with recommended stretches and desk setup which can be placed on the user’s desk as a reminder.

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Who is the Assessment For?

This self-assessment tool works well for both individuals and companies.


For those who are self-employed, work remotely or work at an office without an on-site Ergonomist, optimising your workstation ergonomics can be an easy and accessible task. This self-assessment tool is exactly what you need.


You work from home or your office doesn’t have an on-site Ergonomist and you would like tips on how to set up your workstation to suit your needs. This self-assessment tool is exactly what you need.

Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

The Ergonomics Support you Receive

  • Access to ergonomics self-assessment
  • All evaluations are reviewed by an Ergonomist
  • Two weeks after the user completes the evaluation, the user will receive a follow-up email from an Ergonomist allowing for any further questions or email support as required
  • If in-person or video support required, Fit for Work can arrange for this at an additional cost
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations

Packages Available

  • Access to our ergonomics self-evaluation tool is USD $25 per evaluation.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to setting up your workstation and overall ergonomic setup, it is important to remember that everyone is different and every desk or workstation setup needs to be different to suit you and your individual needs.

Your ideal and ergonomic setup depends on:

  • Where you work
  • Your position while working
  • Your work routine and pattern
  • The general environment
  • The technology and equipment you use
  • Your behaviours and habits
  • How often you move and take breaks​
  • Work/life balance​
  • How you use technology even when you are not working​
Ergonomics Self-Evaluations


You have 30 days from when you start to complete the evaluation.
You can press ‘save draft’ at any time. Your evaluation will be saved and accessible through your Fit for the Work profile. Therefore, if you lose connectivity you will be able to access your evaluation in your Fit for Work profile when your connectivity returns. Please be aware that you have 30 days from when you start to complete the evaluation.

We make every effort to ensure that all standard workstation setups and working scenarios are considered; this includes working at a desk, sofa, bed, coffee table etc. We continuously develop the evaluation form to ensure that all scenarios are covered within the evaluation. However, if you are unable to complete the evaluation as your workstation setup is not accounted for, please email and we will work with you directly to support you in your ergonomics journey

Each Ergonomics Self-Evaluation allows you to evaluate one workstation; ideally the workstation you are at while completing the evaluation. With this you can focus on a specific workstation, follow the process and make the changes we recommend. If you have more than one workstation, you will need to purchase an additional Ergonomics Self-Evaluation while you are at the other workstation to complete the process.
The Ergonomics Self-Evaluation is currently only available in English, but we plan to have it available in other languages soon. However, with our global network of Ergonomists, we can carry out a one to one virtual evaluation with you in over 28 languages.
The majority of changes we recommend throughout the Ergonomics Self-Evaluation can be done by using common objects that you may have around the home or office such as boxes, books, towels or pillows/cushions. However, you can also purchase more standard ergonomic equipment online or from specialist ergonomics shops to support you to maintain a comfortable and neutral posture as per our recommendations.
We request minimal personal information from you to create your profile and complete the evaluation. The only information have is your name, email address and the answers that you input in your evaluation form.

Each self-assessment costs USD$25

You can access, register and make payment here
Does Fit for Work provide any other ergonomics services?
Yes, we provide the full suite of ergonomics services. Check out our website [] for more details or email us at with your details and we can discuss which solutions may work best for you.

If you feel that you need more support than the self-evaluation and the email support from the Ergonomist, we can set up either a virtual evaluation (carried out over video conferencing) or an in-person evaluation (depending on your location) at an additional cost. Please email to find out more.

We will be happy to provide further one to one evaluations for an additional fee. Please note that in-person evaluations are dependent on location and Ergonomist availability. Please email with your location and specified time/day for the evaluation and we will work with you to schedule the evaluation.

We do not provide furniture and accessories. However, we partner with local vendors/suppliers to support procurement as required by individual clients.

We also support our clients in the decision making of the procurement process for furniture and accessories by objectively analysing the current options and proving a non-biased review.

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